The Good Life

Though He is called “Prince of Peace” (Is. 9.6), Christ will have no one deluded into thinking that He calls believers to a life devoid of all conflict.  The MacArthur Daily BibleI often assumed from past experiences of hearing and seeing Christians smiling and speaking of ‘the good stuff’ was because their life was only … Continue reading The Good Life


The Power of the Cross

There is nothing like the love of God. It's merciful, it's plentiful, it's abundant, it's immeasurable. Can you think of anything that compares? I know what you're thinking - obviously this girl hasn't had those Dove chocolates with the caramel on the inside. Truth is, I have and as much as I would love to … Continue reading The Power of the Cross

Christ-like love

Giant lavish trees providing an abundance of shade. Smooth spring breeze whistling through the leaves. Sweet songbird tweeting the softest tune. Cute little kid playing in the distance with her young puppy. A momma silently nursing her crying ruff and tumble boy who just scraped his knee. Grandma and grandpa slowly strolling the walking path, … Continue reading Christ-like love